This practice is as culturally and ethnically diverse as the city in which it resides with the mission of advancing and revolutionizing mental health care to focus on the unique needs of the residents of New York City.

Consultation, assessment, and treatment approaches stem from an understanding of the unique experiences many social and cultural ethnic groups encounter throughout their lifespan.

Social, educational, and cultural differences experienced throughout generations by people of various cultures has a genetic impact and predisposition to medical, physical, mental, emotional and behavioral responses.

In addition, systemic inequities that have been rooted in both conscious and unconscious bias throughout the systems in place meant to provide health, education, and social services continue to deeply impact many people’s ability to thrive in society.

IPWC strives to continually understand the layered and nuanced challenges one faces each day and works to provide clients with the support and skills necessary to thrive in today’s society by developing insight, processing trauma and learning new ways to cope in order to improve one’s quality of life.

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